Walking Well

fixyourfeetLearn to bush-walk, hike, or trek with less pain and discomfort and more free ease of movement.

Don’t let getting older stand in the way of being active outdoors and connecting with nature. Walking outdoors is our birthright as human animals. When we start feeling aches and pains is exactly when we should look to nature for support and guidance rather than lock ourselves away for healing and rest. Exploring our natural world safely with a listening, knowledgeable body is a pathway to health and well-being.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve always lived an active outdoor lifestyle, but lately aches and pains are cramping your style.
  • You’re having trouble striking a balance between getting out and doing the things you love to do and looking after yourself.
  • It seems like every time you do a big hike or bush-walk, you pay the price in soreness for days afterward, and its taking you longer and longer to recover.
  • You’re sometimes confused about when you should rest your body and when you should push yourself to keep active.
  • You’ve  just gotten into to bushwalking or hiking and you want to get more comfortable in your body out on the trail.
  • You want to learn to prepare your body for longer walks, hikes, or treks.

I can help you reduce pain and inflammation so you can continue to do the things you love to do. In this course, you’ll get a clear understanding about how your body works, what things cause pain and inflammation, how to look after your body while hiking and walking, as well as how to get out of pain and back on the trail.

The Walking Well  program  includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Six, 60-minute, weekly one-on-one Skype or live sessions
  • Custom-tailor-made Walking Well program designed to get you back on the trail and/or keep going pain-free
  • Membership to the private Motion Arts facebook group, where you can receive support from Susannah and the Motion Arts community
  • A battery of creative, pleasurable, and inspiring self-care activities to choose from

When you follow the Walking Well protocol, you will:

  • Enact a simple restorative yoga and self-care program that reduces pain and inflammation and keeps you going on the trail,
  • Learn how to choose shoes, poles (if applicable), set up your pack, and your sleep system to enhance your body’s natural functioning,
  • Learn how to transition to minimal footwear, if appropriate,
  • Discover simple breathing techniques and relaxation techniques that help reduce stress and inflammation and improve cardiovascular health,
  • Apply all that you learn to walking on both flat terrain as well as up hill and downhill

Want to start Walking Well? Click here to book your initial consultation Active Living Strategy Session.