I know how to use my body better and more correctly, which allows me to do more with less pain. I also use it as a pain reliever – I enjoy my body more and can overcome fibromyalgia bad days by putting some restorative exercises into practice until I relax.

Gail Rands, Mallacoota, VIC

It gives me a lot of pleasure and an awareness of a relaxed approach to tasks for work or pleasure, and most importantly, I have learned to manage and old neck injury, medication free and comfortable. I now have positive pain relief tools for life.

Janice Karlson, Mallacoota, VIC

Pain levels have dropped sharply and pain medication is no longer part of my regular “diet.” Where pain persists, I can often ease it through movements I’ve learned in class.  Thank you Susannah!

Jane O’Shea, Mallacoota, VIC

I get inspired by people like Susannah and consequently look after my health better!

John Carscallen, Eden, NSW

I had two wonderfully instructive private sessions with Susannah during my last visit to Mallacoota. I was five months pregnant at the time, and she took me through a series of gentle exercises to develop my awareness of how I’m using my body. I practiced these–the alignment of my feet, the calf-stretching exercises, and the “monster walk” for pelvic strengthening–throughout my pregnancy, and am still working on them now, deceptively simple though they seem! She’s an excellent and observant teacher; I would recommend her practice to all.

Rachel Elliott, musician, North Carolina

The Blueprint for an Anti-Inflammatory Living gave me tools to overcome my discomfort in doing tasks. I recommend it as a way to improve body awareness and connectedness. I feel lighter and relaxed, so my mind is free from thinking of pain and discomfort and allows me to be more aware of my surroundings and open to creative impulses.

Cathy Pirrie, Mallacoota, VIC

After the Blueprint for and Anti-Inflammatory Living, I’m more aware of my body and the reasons it may ache. I liked the course because it’s fun, afordable, and I’m enthusiastic about making a daily practice of it. Susannah is inspiring, informative, intuitive, and meets individual needs.

Nicole Migotto-Brown, wife/mother, storyteller, store person, Mallacoota, VIC

I was hesitant because of the 9-day time commitment, but I have noticed improved hydration in my body. I liked approaching detoxing from a different angle. The Blueprint for and Anti-Inflammatory Living improves balance, mobility, and heart health – all benefits of improved body alignment.

Marie Connellan, teacher, Mallacoota, VIC

The Resolution Reboot is an enjoyable method of goal setting. It has given me food for thought: to be more nurturing to myself and that I have choices. I would recommend it for keeping on the track to personal development.

Elaine Williamson, colourist/hairdresser

I have more freedom to choose in my body and thinking. It is a very positive process.

Barbara Norman, academic, Canberra, ACT

Before coming to the Resolution Reboot I worried that I would have to follow through on my resolution, but by getting in touch with core feelings, now I know change doesn’t have to be hard.

Cathy Pirrie, play professional, Mallacoota, VIC