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_DSC0212Motion Arts Mallacoota seeks to facilitate liveliness, engagement with the world, and authentic expression through art making, art education, and education for wellbeing. We have a particular interest in bringing to regional Victoria excellence in the performing arts with a strong focus on creating art relevant to this environment and culture. Motion Arts Classes:

  • balance the mastery of technique with the artistry of expression
  • help students learn to make art and make art to learn
  • taught by artists who also teach (teacher-practitioners)
  • are multi-sensory, developmentally appropriate, make learning joyful and meaningful!

Motion Arts likes to work collaboratively with schools to design tailor-made arts programming, integrating the school’s curriculum, themes, and core values. We also run training for teachers about teaching arts across the curriculum.

When working collaboratively with students and teachers these objectives are held fore-most:


  • access to all
  • education, stimulation, and skill development
  • expanding horizons by encouraging creativity, collaboration, and individuality
  • working towards a real and tangible outcome

We work with students’ interests and then explore art concepts and technique as well as art functionality. This promotes ownership and sharing results. We broaden horizons by bringing out students personal artistic nature and fostering it through the work we do together.