Mantra, Freedom, and Watching the Sunrise

One of my favourite activities is watching the sun rise and the sun set.  Watching the movement of the sun through the day and then also the shift of the sun’s orientation through the seasons…its blazing high brilliance in summer and its glaring long shadows in winter (particularly in winter here in the southern hemisphere). […]

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The Nature of Resolve

Nature moves Nature sings Hear, feel the rhythm of light through seasons and cycles of Sun and Moon. Radiance and reflection revolves to arcadian darkness Winds up and down and calm and deep.   Saturday’s going to be the first New Moon of 2016 and it’s said by some gardeners and farmers that new moons […]

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Motion Arts Mallacoota now offers Health Fund Rebates

Most of the health funds now offer rebates for Alexander technique lessons for customers who have Extras cover.  The funds the cover Alexander technique lesson include: Medibank Private BUPA – Incorporating MBF, NRMA, SIGO & SGIC HBF HCF AHM – Australian Health Management Health Partners Australian Unity Teachers’ Health Fund Health Care Insurance (Tasmania) CBHS (Commonwealth […]

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Spring from the Land

Motion Arts Mallacoota is about creating a culture of consciousness. We accomplish this with different activities like yoga, music, and dance. No matter what activity, though, the first step in Motion Arts Practice is observing and listening to what the environment and our bodies are saying. Spring is well and truly in the air! Here […]

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Nature Moves

Celebrate frog season by adding some hopping into your days. If you can’t hop, think in your body about hopping. As Mantak Chia would say if he were encouraging you to hop like a frog: hop but don’t hop. Draw the energy of Earth up through your legs. I’m serious…pretend you’re going to hop, feel it, […]

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3 Steps to Support Your Digestion

Anatomically, our digestive tract begins with our mouth and ends with our anus, but functionally it begins before anything passes our lips, when we see, smell, or think about something you’d like to eat. So you could say that digestion begins in the brain. There are many places along our gastrointestinal tract that where our […]

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