Want well-being with meaning?

Tired of feeling stressed out by your workout?  |  Bored with the same old exercises?

Little injuries or aches nigggling you all the time?

Traditional exercise or yoga doesn’t work for you because of injury or inflammation?

Tired of doing the same routines over and over without the results you want?

Blood pressure still up even though you exercise and/or meditate everyday?

Can’t get inspired to work on your health?

Want to improve your fitness safely without pain or discomfort in a meaningful way?

Want your self-care time to be expressive, creative, and/or integrated with Nature?

Life Art and Nature can work together to create health with Motion Arts Practice.


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Active Living Strategy Session
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In this 60-min session you’ll:

● get clear on your health goals
● put together a plan to empower you to take the next steps along your health journey
● explore 3 easy steps to reducing pain, inflammation, and discomfort: Restore, Nourish, & Optimize

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Motion Arts Mallacoota now offers Health Fund Rebates.